Updated on: June [15], 2020

Effective on: June [30], 2020

As the platform operator of Blued mobile device software application, website, and any other mobile services owned, controlled, or offered by Blued now or in the future (collectively, the “Blued Services”), BlueCity Group (hereinafter “Blued”, “we”, “us” or “our”) is fully aware of the importance of your Personal Information to you, and we respect and attach great importance to the protection of your privacy. In order for you to fully understand how we collect, use, process and store your Personal Information as well as your rights during your use of products or services on Blued platform, we have formulated this Privacy Policy (this “Policy”).

If you:

(1) have registered or bound Blued through the mobile phone number in the mainland of the People's Republic of China (excluding Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan) (i.e. the mobile phone number starting with +86); or

(2) have contracted with BlueCity Cultural Media Co., Ltd.(北京蓝城兄弟文化传媒有限公司) for Blued (for example, you downloaded and installed Blued from PRC iOS App Store or from a PRC Android app store),

then you subject to and should abide by Blued "Terms of Use" and Blued "Privacy Policy", not this policy.

You shall understand and acknowledge that you have clicked to agree to this Policy during your registration process, and have agreed that we may lawfully use and protect your Personal Information in accordance with this Policy. If you do not agree with or understand any or all provisions of this Policy, you shall immediately stop using Blued products and services, and contact us via the contact details below.

Company name: BlueCity Group.

Contact address: Room 028, Building 2, Yard 32, Baiziwan, Chaoyang District, Beijing,PRC

Contact information regarding Personal Information protection: data_protection@blued.com

For other matters, please contact: kfts@blued.com

Customer Service Hotline: [400-898-9588]

You may consult the following indexes for more details of this Policy:

I. How We Collect Information

II. How We Store Information

III. How We Use, Share /Provide Information with/to Third Parties

IV. How We Protect Information

V. How We Use Cookie Information

VI. How You Access and Manage Your Information

VII. How We Protect Information of Minors

VIII. Disclaimer for Third Party Websites and Services

IX. Application and Update of the Policy

X. Miscellaneous

I. How We Collect Information

During your use of Blued products and services, we will collect information voluntarily provided by you during, and generated from, your use of services in the following ways for the purpose of providing and improving our services and safeguarding your account security.

1. We Collect Personal Data You Provide

(1) When you create a Blued ID, your nickname, profile picture, sexual orientation, date of birth, height and weight will be collected by us to complete your registration. If you refuse to provide such information, you may be unable to use our services normally.

(2) When you edit the profile for your Blued ID, you can choose to provide us Personal Data about yourself for your public Blued profile. For example, in the Blued App, you may voluntarily provide your Personal Data, such as your photo, name for display, sexual orientation, date of birth, height, weight, body type, language, ethnicity, role, “Looking For,” relationship status, position and any other information that you add to your profile on the Blued App(“Profile Information”). You should carefully consider what Personal Data to include in your Community Profile, and you can review and change that information at any time by accessing the “Edit Profile” section of the App.

(3) When you use the posts function, your uploaded photos, videos, comments, likes and other information will be stored. You can also delete this information at any time. Unless after your voluntary choice or requested by relevant laws and regulations, we will not provide the above information or use it for other purposes.

(4) When you conduct "Top-Up" or "Withdrawal", we or a third-party payment channel will require you to upload your credit/debit card information. If you refuse to provide such information, you may not be able to use top-up or income withdrawal service, but it will not affect you using services such as browsing, chatting, initiating live stream and watching live stream.

(5) If you provide us feedback or contact customer support, we collect your e-mail address and possibly other Personal Data (e.g. IP address), as well as any other content that you send to us in order for us to reply and solve the issue. If you contact customer support, we also collect and retain certain technical diagnostic data, such as your phone model. We may keep records of our communication with you, including any complaints we receive from you about other users (and from other users about you).

2. Personal Data We Receive From Your Device

(1) When you use our service, in order to ensure your normal use of our services, to maintain the normal operation of our services, and to optimize and improve our services and protect the safety of your account, we will collect information about your device model, operating system, unique device identifier(UID), login IP address, Blued version number, GPS location (current and last), browsing history, operation log and service log information, date/time stamp for your visit, app crashes, advertising IDs (e.g. Google’s ADID and Apple’s IDFA) which can be reset by going to your device’s setting).

(2) During your use of “Explore” function and “Travel Pass” function, after your consent, we will collect your precise location (e.g. your latitude and longitude) ("Location") to determine your distance in feet or meters from other users (“Distance Information”), and will record your IP address, to provide such function. Please see “How We Store Information” section for information on storage of this information. Should you choose not to allow the Blued App to access your Location, certain features (such as displaying nearby user profiles or features that include Location Sharing) of the Blued Services will not function properly. You may also revoke this permission and disable the location services on your device. You can do so on an iPhone by going to Settings-Privacy-Location-Services-Blued; and on Android, by going to Settings- Location- Blued-Permissions-Location.

(3) When you use “Search” or “Filter” functions, we will collect information of your usage including your search history, reading history, the time of your access, your comments and interactions records in order to provide you with more accurate and personalized services and content.

(4) When you use functions of voice dictation, text input and embedded translation functions, we will collect your voice recordings, the text information, and the text information to be translated because collection is necessary to achieve the above functions. After the real-time processing, we will return the processed result to you. Such information is necessary for the functions.

(5) Blued utilizes a Blued-generated device identifier which enables us to track your in-app Blued purchases over time. This device identifier is not used for third-party advertising and is used by Blued to deliver you the Blued Services including to ensure you receive effective and relevant marketing campaigns from Blued.

(6) If you upload a photo or video, or send an audio message, while using the Blued Services, you will be required to permit Blued to access your camera, photo gallery, and microphone in which case Blued will have access to the photos and videos stored in your photo gallery.

(7) When you send a message using the Blued Services (which could include content such as photos, location, audio, video, emoji, etc.) to other users of the Blued Services, the content of the message will be stored locally for 7 days. If you are reported by another user in a private chat, we will collect the chat history provided by the reporting user.

(8) We collect certain Personal Data that is generated through your use of the Blued Services. This Personal Data includes information about whose user profiles you have viewed, products and services you have purchased through the Blued Services, how you’ve interacted with the App, and how you communicate with other users.

3. Personal Data We Receive From Third Parties

(1) When you choose to make a purchase through the Blued Services, you submit Personal Data such as your name, payment card information, billing information, address, telephone number, and email address to one of our third-party payment processors. Blued does not receive or process payment card information directly; however, our third-party service providers may provide certain information to us (e.g., your name, phone number, partial payment card number, and email address). We use Google Play for purchases on Android devices, Apple for purchases on IOS devices. Please review the Google and Apple privacy policies to better understand their practices.

(2) If you use or connect to the Blued Services or download the Blued Services through a third-party platform (such as Apple, Facebook, Google, or Twitter), you allow us to access and/or collect certain information(e.g., date of birth, account identifier, etc.) from your third-party profile/account (“Third-Party Data”). We may also access information contained in tracking technology placed on your device by the third-party platform. Remember, when you elect to create a Blued account via a third party, we may also provide such Personal Data to the third parties, so we recommend you read their privacy policies which control how they use your information and they may also provide additional data management tools you can use.

(3) Our advertisers and certain service providers also use their own cookies or other tracking technologies (such as software development kits or “SDKs”) which may collect information about you within the Blued Services. They will, however, receive the advertising ID associated with your device and know that the ID was identified on Blued. You can find more information about third-party tracking technologies in our Cookie Policy section.

II. How We Store Information

1. Location of storage

The Personal Information collected will be stored in Singapore, unless:
(1) otherwise expressly requested by laws and regulations;
(2) otherwise expressly authorized by you; or
(3) you choose to conduct cross-border activities like live streaming/publishing posts via the Internet.

2. Storage period

Blued will retain your Personal Information as set out in the following table, and the retention period is in accord with statutory minimum storage period. Except where we are otherwise required by law, we will retain such data. Should you or we terminate your account for any reason, we will take steps to ensure that your Personal Information is no longer available through Blued, or otherwise used by us, within a reasonable period of time (subject to technical limitations) after such account termination. Personal Information stored beyond such period will be physically deleted by Blued unless otherwise required by law. In some cases, Blued may retain chat messages record that results in account suspension due to reporting. Please note that Blued may also retain your personal data in accordance with valid legal requirements.

Information TypeRetention Period
Registration dataUntil such time as you request Blued to delete. Your account will be permanently deleted within 60 days of account deletion request.
User profile dataUntil you request Blued to delete or you amend such Personal Information or your account is deleted, whichever is earlier.
Chat – text, images, video and audioData is retained for a period of 7 days from the time of the relevant interaction.
LocationUntil you request Blued to delete or you amend such Personal Information or your account is deleted, whichever is earlier.
MomentsUntil you request Blued to delete or you amend such Personal Information or your account is deleted, whichever is earlier (however, the data may be available if cached on third party services).
Information provided to customer serviceUntil such time as you request Blued to delete.
Metadata / Log DataUntil such time as you request Blued to delete.
Device DataUntil you request Blued to delete or your account is deleted, whichever is earlier
Social Connect InformationUntil such time as you request Blued to delete or unbind your social account from your Blued account, or your account is deleted
CookiesDuring the session.

III. How We Use, Share /Provide Information with/to Third Parties

1. How We Use Information

(1) For the purposes specified in “How We Collect Information” in this Policy to operate and manage Blued;

(2) communicating with you, and sending important notices on products or services to you, such as:

A. notices regarding software updates and upcoming events of Blued. You may opt out by turning off notification permissions in the phone setting or replying to our email if you do not want to be sent notifications or included in our mailing list;

B. notices regarding any lucky draws, contests or similar promotion events organized by us in which you are a participant; and

C. information related to your purchase, and changes in terms, conditions and policies (you may not opt out, as these are essential in the communications between you and Blued);

(3) providing services to you by us or our Affiliates during your continued use of Blued products or services; and

(4) to personalize Blued and provide value-added services.

when you register and use Blued, we may analyze part of your profile information, location information, interaction records, etc. And use such data for Blued value-added services, including but not limited to Blued X, Boost, Spotlight, Shadow privilege packages, etc.

(5) to improve our services; we collect information and reports about usage trends without identifying individual users (e.g., daily active users, monthly active users, usage time, etc.)

(6) for security and verification purposes, including to prevent and detect fraudulent activity; and

(7) address and remediate technical issues and bugs.

2. How We Share Information

You agree and authorize us to share your Personal Information with our Affiliates and partners for providing better products and services to you as follows. In each case, we will request such Affiliates and partners to store and process your Personal Information in accordance with our instructions, this Policy and any other agreement:

(1) The Blued App is designed to allow users to share Distance Information. Distance Information is public and indicates to other users of the Blued App the distance you are in feet or meters from them. Your Distance Information will be displayed in your profile in those users' search results should you elect to display your relative distance. Blued App users can use "Shadow Privileges Pack" searches other users near the shadow location or the “Explore” feature in the Blued App to search for other users in a geographic location outside of their immediate location. Users who use the unauthorized malware, or other users who change their location while you remain in the same location, may use Distance Information to determine your exact location and may be able to determine your identity. You can revoke location authorization on an iPhone by going to Settings-Privacy-Location-Services, and on Android, by going to Settings-Location-Blued- Permissions-Location.

(2) We share the Identifier for Vendor associated with advertising IDs (e.g. Google’s ADID and Apple’s IDFA), a portion of your Profile Information, and Location Information, with our advertising partners. These third parties may also collect information directly from you as described in this Privacy. Our advertising partners are aware that such data is being transmitted from Blued. The privacy policies of these third-party companies apply to their collection, use and disclosure of your Personal Data. We will share the collected advertising IDs of your device to the advertising media for our advertising. Due to the confidentiality agreement, we cannot inform the specific name of the partner media. One of our main advertising partners is ADTIMING TECHNOLOGY CO.,Ltd that helps Blued deliver in-App advertising. Please note that we currently do not share information about your Personal Information with any advertising companies. Note that for California consumers, if you accept sharing with our advertising partners you are directing us to disclose the information described in this paragraph to third-party advertising companies. You can limit third parties’ uses of your Personal Data by going to the Settings-Privacy-Advertising. You can also contact us through the contact information in this policy.

3. In Order To Better Use Our Software, You Share Your Personal Data In The Following Circumstances:

(1) The Blued App is a social networking platform, designed to allow users to connect and share information. When you use the Blued Services, your Profile Information is public, and other users of the Blued App can see your Profile Information and other Personal Data (probably including sensitive personal data) posted by you. For example, other users can search for you, search for your profile characteristics, see if you’ve viewed their profile, or see you listed as being within their vicinity. Do not include information in your profile that you want to keep private.

(2) You may choose to send messages, including photos, audio, location, emoji or videos, to other users. If you send messages, you will be providing your Personal Data to the user who views your message. Please don't send messages or share content that you wouldn't want someone to save or share as users may save content or copy it outside the Blued Services. Chat messages are stored locally on devices. Therefore, if you choose to delete your account, messages you sent to another user may still be available on that user’s device. Do not share your Account Credentials or payment information via messages (or any third-party platforms).

(3) Social Features. The Blued Services permits interactions that you initiate between the Blued Services and third-party websites or services, including third-party social networks (collectively "Social Features"). For example, you may be able to "like" or "share" content from the Blued Services on other websites or services, such as Facebook. If you use Social Features on the Blued Services, both Blued and the third-party services that operate those Social Features may have access to certain Personal Data about you and your use of both the Blued Services and theirs. The Personal Data collected and stored by third parties remains subject to those third parties' practices about privacy, including whether the third parties continue to share Personal Data with us.

4. Providing information to others

At the moment, we will not take initiative to share your Personal Information with or transfer your Personal Information to any third party other than our Affiliates. If we intend to or if you request us to share or transfer your Personal Information with or to any third party other than our Affiliates, we will obtain or ensure that such third party will obtain your express consent of such sharing or transfer.

We will not disclose the Personal Information we collected to the public. If it is necessary to do so, we will inform you of the purpose of the public disclosure, the type of information to be disclosed and the Sensitive Personal Information that may be involved, and obtain your express consent.

With the continuous development of our business, it is likely that we will carry out transactions such as merger, acquisition and asset transfer, in which case we will inform you of the relevant situations and continue to protect, or request the new controller to continue to protect, your Personal Information in accordance with laws and regulations at standards no less stringent than those in this Policy.

We will not make available (including share, transfer and publicly disclose) your Personal Information to any third party without your permission; if we want to use your information for other purposes or new business purposes not specified in this policy, we will inform you in advance and seek your consent.

5. Exceptions

In accordance with relevant laws and regulations and national standards, in the following circumstances, we may collect and process your relevant personal information without asking for your consent:

(1) When it is directly related to national interests such as national security and national defense;

(2) When it is directly related to major public interests such as public safety, public health, and public knowledge;

(3) When it is directly related to a criminal investigation, prosecution, trial or execution of judgments;

(4) In order to protect vital legitimate interests of you or of other individuals, such as right of life, property, and reputation, while it’s hardly to obtain the consent of the individual;

(5) When the personal information is disclosed to the public by yourself;

(6) When the personal information is collected from legally publicly disclosed information, such as legitimate news reports, government information disclosure, etc.;

(7) When it is necessary for entering into and/or performance of a contract to which you are the party;

(8) When it is necessary for maintenance of the safe and stable operation of the products or services provided, such as discovering malfunctions and/or troubleshooting products or services;

(9) When it is necessary for conducting statistical or academic research which is for public interest, and when the results of academic research or description are provided externally, the personal information contained is de-identified; and

(10) Other circumstances as stipulated by laws and regulations.

IV. How We Protect Information

1. The security of your Personal Information is highly valued by us. We will adopt encryption technology to protect your Personal Information during transmission. Data will be stored in an encrypted form, including those stored at third parties.

2. In order to protect your Personal Information, we will adopt access control, malicious code prevention mechanism and security audit for your Personal Information in addition to encryption. We will take various security protection measures to ensure information security with a reasonable security level. Encryption, de-identification and other means will be used to protect your Personal Information.

3. To prevent your Personal Information from leakage, we will strengthen the security capability of the app installed on your device by constantly improving technical means. For secured transmission, we will carry out part of the information encryption on your device locally, and in order to prevent computer viruses, Trojan horses or other malicious programs or websites, we will collect the information on applications installed or processes running on your device.

4. We have set up and designated the department and the personnel responsible for Personal Information protection to supervise and administer the collection, use, sharing and authorized processing of Personal Information, and to conduct Personal Information security impact assessment. We will deploy access control mechanism to ensure to the maximum extent possible that the access to Personal Information is restricted to authorized personnel only, and will hold training sessions on security and privacy protection to enhance our employees’ awareness of the importance of Personal Information protection.

5. We have set up special management system, process and organization to ensure information security. We will strictly limit the scope of personnel with access to information, request them to abide by confidentiality obligations, and conduct audits.

6. We have prepared emergency plan for Personal Information security incidents, and will arrange emergency response trainings and emergency drills for our employees on a regular basis, so as to familiarize them with job responsibilities and emergency response strategies and procedures. In case of any security incident such as Personal Information leakage, we will activate the emergency plan to prevent its escalation, and inform you via push notification, announcement or in other forms.

7. Please properly keep your Blued ID. During your use of certain Blued services or applications, or when you publish posts in other forums, chat rooms or social networks, the Personal Information and contents you share will be accessible to, and may be read, collected or used by, other users. You shall be solely responsible in respect of the Personal Information that is shared or published by you. If you become aware that your Blued ID and/or other Personal Information might be or have been leaked other than through your own disclosure, please contact us immediately so that we may take corresponding measures in a timely manner to avoid or mitigate the relevant losses.

8. Your safety and security are important to us. As such, we use automated decision-making as a part of our platform moderation efforts (for example, removing spammers) including to assist in our efforts to prevent and respond to illegal, malicious, and unauthorized activity. If you are notified that your account has been suspended and you believe this is an error, please email a Customer Support representative at kfts@blued.com to seek an appeal.

9. We have the right to refuse to deal with any request if it is meaningless/importuning or extremely unrealistic, or will impair others’ privacy rights, or where access to information can be denied pursuant to local laws.

10. Blued takes the privacy and security of your personal data very seriously. Even so, transferring data on the Internet or storing data electronically is not completely secure. If, as required by law, we need to notify you about any unauthorized access to your personal data, then we may send you a notice in electronic or written form in accordance with applicable law.

V. How We Use Cookie Information

Cookie and other similar technologies may be used in Blued’s website, online services, interactive application, email boxes and advertisements. Such technologies help us better understand the behaviors of our users, let us know which sections of our website have been visited, and measure the effects of advertisements and web searches so that we can make improvements. Information collected through cookie and other technologies will be treated as non-Personal Information, provided that we will treat Internet Protocol (IP) addresses or similar identifiers as Personal Information if it is so required by local laws. Similarly, for the purpose of this Policy, in the case of combination of non-Personal Information with Personal Information, we will treat the combined information as Personal Information.

Like most Internet service providers, we will automatically collect certain information and store it in logs, including IP address, browser type and language, Internet service provider (ISP), referring/exit pages, application, operating system, date/time stamp, and clickstream data.

We use such information to understand and analyze trends, administer our website, track users’ behaviors on our website, improve our services and collect demographic information about our user base as a whole. Blued may use such information for marketing and advertising services.

VI. How You Access and Manage Your Information

1. Manage your information

(1) You may update or correct your Personal Information during your access to or update of your Personal Information or if you find that we have made errors in processing your Personal Information. You may exercise your access right and update or correct any part of your Personal Information at any time through the following path:

A. For inquiry about your Personal Information, click “Me” at the bottom right corner and click the top right corner to view your profile; and

B. For correction of your Personal Information, click “Me” at the bottom right corner, click the percentage icon at the top right corner to go to the profile page, and then edit your profile;

(2) For deletion of your Personal Information, click “Me” at the bottom right corner and click the percentage icon at the top right corner to change the information to “Do Not Show”. In case of any situation where the information cannot be deleted by yourself, you may send an email to kfts@blued.com specifying the situation, and our staff will reply within 15 working days.

2. Your Rights

Some jurisdictions may give you the right to request that we:

(1) Provide you with information about our processing of your Personal Data and give you access to your Personal Data.

(2) Update or correct inaccuracies in your Personal Data.

(3) Delete your Personal Data.

(4) Transfer a machine-readable copy of your Personal Data to you or a third party of your choice.

(5) Restrict the processing of your Personal Data.

(6) Withdraw consent that you have previously given us. You may make this request at any time. Revocation of your consent will only apply to future processing activities and will not apply retroactively.

(7) Where your jurisdiction’s law allows, object reliance on our legitimate interests as the basis for processing of your Personal Data.

While we honor the above requests if required to do so by law, there are situations in which we may not be able to agree to a particular request. For example, it is not possible for us to delete your Personal Data if we are required by law to keep it (e.g., for tax and accounting purposes), or if we need it to perform a contract with you. Similarly, access to your Personal Data may be refused if making the information available would reveal Personal Data about another person or if we are legally prevented from disclosing such information. If we decline your request, we will tell you why, subject to legal restrictions.

Please note that due to Blued’s retention practices, some historical data may not be available as it is no longer held in Blued’s systems. Please see "How We Store Information" above. You can submit a request by emailing to data_protection@blued.com or our postal address provided below. Where necessary, we may request specific information from you to verify your identity prior to processing your request. If you invoke your rights as listed in this section, Blued utilizes third parties to help fulfill your requests to exercise your rights under this document.

Addendum for California Residents

The terms of this Addendum apply to residents of California under the California Consumer Privacy Act (“CCPA”) and other applicable laws. The CCPA provides California residents with certain legal rights such as access, deletion, disclosure, or “do not sell.” These rights are not absolute and are subject to certain exceptions.

Collection and Disclosure of Personal Information

Over the past 12 months, through your use of Blued, we may have collected and disclosed the following categories of personal information from or about consumers, as defined in the CCPA:

• Identifiers, such as phone number, name, nickname, token, username, IP address, mobile application store user ID, mailing address, emergency contact information, and contact list. This information is collected directly from the consumer or device.

• Geolocation data, including geolocation information derived from GPS coordinates, Wi-Fi access points, the compass, the accelerometer, IP address, and public posts. This information is collected directly from the consumer or device.

• Internet or other electronic network activity information, including your device model, network type, OS type and version, client version, call history, chat data, invitations data, call credits history, search history, log data, information linked to social media accounts linked to use of Blued, and survey information. This information is collected directly from a device.

• Biometric information, such as voiceprints and facial recognition data. This information is collected directly from the consumer or device.

• Commercial information, including payment card information and transaction verification information. This information is collected directly from the consumer or device.

• Audio, electronic, visual, thermal, olfactory, or similar information, including a profile picture. This information is collected directly from the consumer.

• Other information that is described in subdivision (e) of Section 1798.80, such as nationality and gender (this information is being collected in the consumer context rather than the employer context). This information is collected directly from the user.

We collect personal information for the following purposes:
• To operate and administer Blued;
• To communicate with consumers;
• To personalize Blued, including providing personalized advertisements and value-added services;
• To improve our services;
• For security and verification purposes, including to prevent and detect fraudulent activity; and
• To address and remediate technical issues and bugs.

For additional information about what each type of personal information is used for, see “How We Use, Share /Provide Information with/to Third Parties” t of this Policy.

We disclose personal information to the following types of entities:
• Our affiliate companies within our corporate group who process your personal information in order to operate the Blued Services
• Other companies that provide services on our behalf who are prohibited by contract from retaining, using, or disclosing personal information for any purpose other than for providing the services to us
• Other users of Blued with respect to personal information you publicly post through Blued
• Regulators and judicial authorities and law enforcement agencies
• Entities that acquire all or substantially all of our business

In the past 12 months, we have not sold personal information of California residents within the meaning of “sold” in the CCPA.

Rights under the CCPA

If you are a California resident and the CCPA does not recognize an exemption that applies to you or your personal information, you have the right to:

• Request we disclose to you free of charge the following information covering the 12 months preceding your request:

(a) the categories of personal information about you that we collected;

(b) the categories of sources from which the personal information was collected;

(c) the purpose for collecting personal information about you;

(d) the categories of third parties to whom we disclosed personal information about you and the categories of personal information that was disclosed (if applicable) and the purpose for disclosing the personal information about you; and

• Request we delete personal information we collected from you, unless CCPA recognizes an exemption; and

• Be free from unlawful discrimination for exercising your rights including providing a different level or quality of services or deny goods or services to you when you exercise your rights under the CCPA.

We aim to fulfill all verified requests within 45 days pursuant to the CCPA. If necessary, extensions for an additional 45 days will be accompanied by an explanation for the delay.

How to Exercise Your Rights

For consumers in California, by accepting this privacy policy and clicking "Agree and Accept" when creating a Blued account, you agree that we will disclose, share, and use the relevant information in the manner described in this policy. If you decide that you no longer want Blued or partners to use your information for their commercial purposes, or if you do not want partners to retain information after providing services to us, you can turn off the relevant permissions on your device and log in to your Account and manage your data from there. Of course, Blued may add different preference settings in subsequent versions, you can turn off the sharing of specific information by setting in the app. We will not give any special notice for this, please pay attention to the changes in Blued. If you are a California resident to whom the CCPA applies, you may exercise your rights, if any, to other data by contacting us at data_protection@blued.com.

Addendum for Korean Users

The personal information we provide to third-parties located outside of Korea for the Blued service is as follows:

RecipientLocationPurposes of use of personal informationItems of personal information to be providedDate and method of transfer
MicrosoftCanada, Hong Kong, Singapore, PRCTranslation serviceText messageTriggered by user

The mandatory retention periods for personal information required by law in Korea is as follows:

ItemsRetention Period
Records related to entering into and withdrawing from a contract5 years
Records related to payment and other supplies of money5 years
Records related to consumer complaints and dispute settlement3 years
Records related to labelling/advertisement6 months
Service visit log3 months

We destroy personal information upon the extinguishment of need for such personal information, such as the expiration of its retention period and achievement of its purpose for processing, except where there is a law or regulation that requires us to retain that personal information. Personal information that needs to be destroyed is destroyed in accordance with our data deletion and retention protocols under the supervision of our Data Protection Officer.

3. App permission management

(1) Permission to access location information: After you log in to Blued app, you may choose to grant such permission for you to receive location-based service recommendations. If you choose not to grant such permission, you will not receive location-based service recommendations, while your use of other services of Blued app will not be affected.

(2) Permission to read cellphone status: During your installation of Blued app, we will request such permission from you to read your device identification information, device status information and device contexts information in order to complete security risk control verification of your account. If you choose not to grant such permission, you may still use our services, while you may be unable to complete the security risk control verification.

(3) Permissions to access camera and photo album: You will be requested to grant permission to access camera and/or photo album (subject to the specific function to be used) before you use certain functions such as camera, instant video, live streaming and scanning, so that you can take or upload real-time photos/videos. If you choose not to grant the corresponding permission, you will be unable to use the specific functions related to real-time photo/video shooting or uploading, while your use of other services of Blued app will not be affected.

(4) Permissions to access microphone: You shall grant such permission and use microphone device for voice input when you use such functions as voice dictation, instant video and live streaming. If you choose not to grant such permission, you will be unable to use the specific functions related to voice input, while your use of other services of Blued app will not be affected.

4. Cancellation and deletion of your account

To apply for cancellation and deletion of an account, please log in to such account and complete the cancellation procedures in the app through the following path: [Me]-[Settings]-[Account and Security]-[Cancellation of Accounts]. The preconditions, cautions and possible consequences will be displayed in detail before the process. If you log in within 7 days after the cancellation procedure is completed, the cancellation shall be deemed as withdrawn; the account will be permanently canceled and deleted, and can no longer be recovered after 7 days. Please proceed prudently. After the permanent cancellation of your account, we will delete or anonymize your Personal Information.

VII. How We Protect Information of Minors

We value the protection of minors’ Personal Information. If you are under the age of 18 (or similar minimum age stipulated in the relevant jurisdiction), you may not create any Blued ID and we will not provide services to you. Blued does not knowingly collect or process minors’ information. We will delete your Personal Information collected by us once we become aware of such collection. If you know that any child or minor has submitted personal data in the Blued service, please use the information provided above or use the application reporting tool to contact us so that we can take appropriate measures.

VIII. Disclaimer for Third Party Websites and Services

There may be links to third parties’ websites, products and services on or in Blued’s website, app and services. Information collected by a third party which may contain location data or contact information will be subject to the third party’s privacy policy. You are advised to understand such policy. We do not control or review the privacy policy or practices of such third parties, nor shall we be liable for any responsibilities arising therefrom. After clicking a link directing to an external website or third-party application, this policy shall not be applicable.

IV. Application and Update of This Policy

This Policy applies to all of our services.

We will update this Policy as appropriate in the event of any of the following major changes:

(1) change in our basic conditions, such as change of ownership as a result of merger, acquisition or restructuring;

(2) change in the scope, purpose and rules of collecting, storing and using Personal Information;

(3) change of the third parties to whom we provide Personal Information or in the scope or purpose of providing Personal Information to third parties;

(4) change in how you may access and manage your Personal Information;

(5) change in data security capability or information security risks;

(6) change of the channels and mechanisms for user inquiries and complaints or of the external dispute resolution agencies or their contact details; or

(7) other changes that may have a significant impact on your rights and interests in and to your Personal Information.

Given the large number of our users, we will notify you of any update of this Policy via app push notification, pop-up prompt, or email/SMS or announcement on the app. You are advised to promptly inform us of any change in your contact details in order for you to receive our notice in time. By continuing to use our services after the updated Policy takes effect, you acknowledge that you have fully read, understood and accepted, and are willing to be bound by, the updated Policy.

XI. Miscellaneous

1. Data Transfer

As stated in this Policy, all the information you provide may be transmitted or shared by us to third-party organizations outside your country or region of residence.

2. Company-wide commitment to your privacy

In order to ensure the security of your Personal Information, we have communicated Blued’s privacy and security guidelines to all our employees and strictly implemented privacy protection measures in our group company.

3. Contact us

Should you have any questions or concerns about Blued’s privacy policy or data processing, or intend to file a complaint about potential violations of local privacy laws, please contact us through the following methods. All such communications will be investigated and, if possible, responded to within 15 working days.

Contact information of the person in charge of Personal Information protection: data_protection@blued.com

Contact for other matters: kfts@blued.com

Customer service hotline: [400-898-9588]

4. Certain definitions in this Policy

“Affiliates” means the subsidiaries controlled by BlueCity Group, including but not limited to BlueCity Hong Kong Limited and Blued Japan株式会社. “Affiliate” means, with respect to any person, any company or lawful organization that now or hereafter controls, is controlled by or under common control with such person, or the legal successor thereof.